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About us

In love with the diverse culture of India ,and the wide range of arts .We bring to you a small portion of the varied artifactsavailable.Rest assured these are ethically sourced from award winning artisans having fair trade practices as well as from NGO's pro active in helping the tribals and the artisans in upgrading their welfare and skills.

Browse through our website for a one of a kind artifacts and home decor for gifting or for your personal space.

Everything we sell on our website comes with a promise of customer satisfaction.We aim to be fair and be treated fairly too.

If you have any questions or issues we are here to listen and help.Please do send us an email we will always try to respond within 72 hours.

I have a limited stock so please don't hesitate if you see something you love :).
In addition to the online shop, Quest End Decor  also has 'Pop-up Shops' in and around Toronto Be sure to sign up for the Quest Decor news at the bottom of this page to be notified of sales and new arrivals!  Follow QED on your favorite social media stream, you'll find us on Facebook and  Pinterest

Your feedback and recommendations are always welcome.